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Went to the Horrorfind convention with kisarazumama today & met up with atomagedevilman and his friend Lynette - the con was pretty disappointing as it was tiny & there were hardly any people there & a tiny dealer's room that was about a third empty. Granted it was Sunday & I'm sure it was more heavily attended on Saturday (or I hope so anyway) but it was still kinda sad - I wonder if it is because of the con relocating from the Marriott Hunt valley north of Baltimore or due to the general bad economy?

Still we managed to spend our $$ and buy some cool stuff - kisarazumama got a great giant Godzilla model kit by Polar Lights that we'd never seen before. We knew of their excellent recasts of the old Aurora monster kit sbut didn't realize they'd made a few new originals of their own in that style & this fellow is one of those (about the size of the Aurora Big Frankie). I got a cool book on decorating for Halloween full of great photos of rare old vintage decorations from the fellow who wrote it who was only to happy to sign it & he also had some very nice modern repros of antique Halloween cards - since the originals sell for big bucks on ebay I stocked up so I can send some to friends when the season rolls around :)

Halloween cards -

And Paula got me a cool Cthulhu fish for my car! The guy selling them had a lot of great H.P.L.-related T shirts - http://www.sighco.com/

on the home front - this little guy was sitting on a post looking way too fucking adorable. Let's hope he stays cute & doesn't try eat Paula's expensive flower bulbs.

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