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I hate spammers

I had to kill one of my two main e-mail addresses yesterday. Some spammers faked their headings and sent out probably a zillion emails purporting to be from my "sistinas@psychotica.net" address.

I came home last night to find about 500 bounced emails to it much to my horror. I shudder to think how many people hate me for sending shit I didn't do and I didn't want to wade thru complaints so to avoid any problems I just deleted the email addy and spent the night updating any boards/logins that use it.

Now to change several hundred links on my psychotica.net website (grr) - I'll no longer put the email addy there but a link to a contacts page in case this happens again. I can't do much about the photoshopped credits on hundreds of photos but at least a few years ago I had the foresight to start using the website URL instead of my email address on them so its just on the older ones.

So if you want to email me I'm now using just the sistinas @ ghosttigers.com one and I have two backups - sistinas138 @ gmail.com and mazikeen @ hotmail.com.

I just hope I won't miss any email from folks who only have the old email - I'm going to make a note on my website & hopefully they will check there if they write & it bounces.
Tags: email horror, spammers
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