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And speaking of cherry blossoms

Finally got a chance to download/resize the photos I took the weekend before last - kisarazumama and I went downtown to check out the cherry blossoms as well as a wonderful exhibition of Edo period Japanese art at the Sackler Gallery :)

some shots of the beautiful garden behind the Sackler:

fellow photographer enjoying the flowers:

Entrance to the Sackler - we went to see the exhibit "Patterned Feathers, Piercing Eyes: Edo Masters from the Price Collection"

My favorite painting in the show by Kawanabe Kyosai of the King of Hell Enma O and the infamous "Coutesan of Hell" Jigoku Dayu who had scenes of hell embroidered in her luxurious robes. Sadly no postcards or prints of this one but fortunately kisarazumama bought the exhibition book.

Lots of big healthy cherry trees here at NIH too - due to the cool weather the blossoms have stayed on the branches much longer than usual this year:

Tags: art geek, cherry blossom festival, sackler gallery
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