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A black day for music in Washington DC : (

Yesterday sometime in the late morning the Washington DC area's only decent rock radio station abruptly and without any prior warning suddenly switched formats to an all Spanish channel.

Goodbye WHFS, I will miss you very much.

I first started listening to WHFS when I moved down to the DC area in '87 - it was the best commercial (non college) station I'd ever heard and had an eclectic mix of alternative rock - back then you'd hear anything from the Velvet Underground and Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians to the Cure and the Smiths. The DJs then included a few eccentric folks like Weasel and Damien (who'd been nearly killed in a car wreck that left him with a serious speech impediment that most radio stations wouldn't have tolerated). I heard a lot of cool new bands on there for the first time, heard about concerts etc. WHFS also promoted a lot of their own shows - the WHFS was the first of the big alternative music radio fests in the USA when it started and has been much copied country wide since)

In truth its gone downhill since the original owner sold it to a corporation, in the last few years its been more like a francise of KROQ but still it could be counted on for some decent tunes and lots of concerts - heck they even had AFI play at two of their shows (the HFEstival and the Christmas Nutcracker) in '93.

But now its gone and that means pretty much no radio for me - the only other rock station in DC now is DC101 which is way more mainstream and owned by Clear Channel to boot which is reason enough to hate them. Baltimore has a decent indie metal station in 98ROCK but I'm not always in the mood for Metallica every hour on the hour and I'm really tired of Rush. I guess FM radio is pretty much a thing of the past & the future is in satelite radio like XM but I'm reluctant to pay $10 a month plus new hardware just to listen to the radio when I can burn stacks of CDs for the car esp when the cable TV company is already gouging me $52 a month for the hour or so of TV I watch a week.

It depresses me to realize that as a consumer I'm in such a tiny demographic that I no longer matter. Rock music in general appeals to so little of the populace - even white kids these days prolly more listen to rap or pop crap like Brittany Spears and Beyounce. And the population in this area keeps shifting and no doubt soon us anglos will be the minority, its just depressing as all fuck to realize that big corporations are buying up everything & only want to appeal to the lowest common denominator and there is no room for small nitche markets.

I guess if it wasn't for word of mouth on the internet I'd never find any new music again, I sure as hell won't hear it on the radio around here. I hope this won't hugely hurt concerts in this area and that bands will be less likely to play DC because they will have no radio support of promotion.

It all just sucks.
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