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Another year older, maybe not much wiser

It's my birthday today, hopefully nothing will blow up....

April 19th tends to be a day of tragedy with events like the Waco massacre and the Oklahoma City Bombing, the invasion of the Bay of Pigs in Cuba and back in history the American Revolutionary war started at The Battle of Lexington and Concord . (In fact the two Columbine shooters intended to do their spree on this day but spaced it & remembered the next day) So I not so jokingly say I was born on "National Blow Things Up Day" & just hope for things to be quiet and peaceful. Its weird to take omne day a year to wake up and think "I hope nothing much happens."

I'll celebrate the best way I know how - driving hours away to see one of my all time favorite bands. I always try and find a good show going on and as it turns out the Cult will be playing tonight in New Jersey at the Starland Ballroom so kisarazumama and atomagedevilman are coming along and we will road trip up, enjoy the show & then celebrate nearby at the wonderful diner (known for most excellent cakes!)

kisarazumama gave me this adorable kimokome Tiger that she made. :) He is a peaceful tiger, not a fierce one, so he carries a branch of bamboo in his mouth like a peace jesture.

And of course, being Liz I had to buy myself a few things....

a few more shots of Mr. Tiger-san

I splurged on ebay and bought this lovely print of Morpheus from the comic "Sandman", signed by author Neil Gaiman and artist Yoshitaka Amano, when it arrives I will need to find a very nice frame :)

And I confess, I've become totally hooked on the anime series "Death Note". I've been eyeing the toys on ebay and kept going back to them so I just ordered this fellow from Sideshow Toys (distributing them in the USA for Medicom) - he's the shinigami (or death god) Ryuk who starts the whole mess when he is boredby dropping his death note (a notebook in which the names of people written will die) so some human will find it ....

Gods of Death love apples...

When I get home I"ll go ahead & order this fellow below- he's the one I want most but this figure was sold out some while back & going for waaaay too much on the secondary market - thankfully Medicom noticed and is doing a reissue so I can pre-order the 2nd release now much cheaper! In this case it is good I held off.

This is my favorite character from the show (very likely my all time favorite anime character, come to think of it), the detective "L" -

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