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Wild Hearted Son....

kisarazumama and atomagedevilman road tripped with me yesterday to NJ for my Birthday to see The Cult at the Starland Ballroom. We got to Sayreville about 4 PM, checked into our motel & then headed over to the venue. I made a quick chinese food run and brought back some lunch for everybody & we waited in the "preferred" line (of those who paid an extra $18 for special parking & getting in first). Doors opened at 7 & Chris and I got GREAT spots front & center on the rail - yay!! Paula preferred a seat but found a good view near the left bar.

Didn't catch the name of the 1st band but they weren't bad, 2nd up was an all girl group from Toronto called the Cliks, their singer had a pretty good voice, sort of like a poppier Joan Jett.

Finally time for the Cult - hooray! They did a lot more songs of their latest album "Born Into This" than on last fall's tour including "I, Assasin" and "Dirty Little Rockstar" but also plenty of older hits, opening the set with "Fire Woman" and "Rain" and including "Sweet Soul Sister", "The Witch ", "Electric Ocean", "Horse Nation", "Spirit Walker", "Edie (Ciao Baby)", "Wild Flower" and of course "Love Removal Machine" with a beautiful encore of "She Sells Sanctuary".

Ian is still a very beautiful man (and I just loved the wolf tail hanging out of his jeans, yay Wolfchild!) and Billy Duffy looks exactly the same as ever.

Afterwards we made it over to the Seville Diner on Rt 18 for a nice late dinner & I finally got some cake for my birthday, then we made it back to the motel in time to watch Death Note. Great way to spend a birthday :)

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