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Quiet around here...

Not a whole lot going on - nice to have a 3 day weekend due to ML King day and will also have Thursday off due to the inaguration downtown - its been cold lately so hoping for freezing sleet on Mr Bush come Thursday! (we couldn't be so lucky, at least they won't get the balmy 50 degree weather we had last week for their parade)

Did dome shopping over the weekend & found some great sales - both Torrid and Hot Topic had clearance sales where it was take 50% off already reduced prices and in most cases already reduced was already half off so I bought a bunch of things for a quarter of the original price. My best deal by far was a beautiful full length leather coat for only $50 (originally $200!) - very nice weight since it is light and not bulky, perfect for jacket weather when you don't want to wear a bulky winter coat. Also got a ton more Nightmare Before Christmas things very cheap - yay!

Laura came over & brought the Carnivale DVD box set with her so we got to see the first 2 episodes and now I'll have to break down and buy it... very strange & compelling in a very David Lynchish way... We also showed her the Venture Brothers and she really liked that so time to share obsessions : )
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