Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

The Way to Succeed and the Way to Suck Eggs...

Caught Ministry on Saturday night up at the Ram's Head Live in Baltimore on their final "C-U-La-Tour". The band sounded great (with Tommy Victor of Prog & formerly of Danzig on guitar) an dthe had the whole chain link fence thing going on but the setlist was a bit disappointing as the entire main set was all material from the newer and IMHO weaker albums. Then they came back on for an encore and did 3 old numbers with a fellow from Fear Factory on vocals & Al on guitar while they played "N.W.O.", "Just One Fix" and "Thieves", and then another shorter encore covering a Z.Z. Top song & the Rolling Stones' "Under My Thumb".

I guess I feel if you are advertising it as your final tour folks might want to have one last chance to hear their old favs, even if you are struggling to sell your newer stuff.... I gotta admit, I was disappointed with no "Stigmata" or "Jesus Built My Hotrod" tho at least they did play "Thieves".

Wonder what Al will do now? Rest on his laurels? Or another side project? I'm still waiting for Buck Satan and the 666 Shooters myself.

Tomorrow I'll head downtown after work & catch Eddie Izzard at Constitution Hall which should be great & then Friday night back down to the movie theater at Gallery Place to catch the latest by Tarsem Singh, "The Fall". Tarsem directed "The Cell" a few years back & that movie completely blew me away with its extrordinary visual sense, so I've been looking forward to seeing anything else he'd do.

Got my Ryuk figure from Sideshow yesterday & he's cool as hell, even has his own apple :)
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