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Tiger Army & the Unseen at the Ottobar

Last week was kinda crazy as our institute held one of the thrice yearly councils and I got roped into minding the reception desk to save us the $$ we usually spent on a contractor, but after work on Friday I headed up to Baltimore to meet up with atomagedevilman and we headed off to the Ottobar early. Parked out back & went next door to Reptilian Records to browse (very smart of them to locate next to the Ottobar & thus have a captive audience before shows) & ran into Albert & Danny from TA's crew & soon after Nick popped in to find Albert & say hello :)

Found Mark Unseen & took him to dinner at the Paper Moon Diner around the corner & then headed back to the Ottobar & got a good space up next to the stage. First up were the War Tapes - sort of a goth-indie band, to quote Chris "If Peter Murphy was a drug then the singer O.D.'d" but I thought they were pretty decent.

Next up were the Unseen who tore the place up - it got pretty crazy in there with tons of kids jumping up to stage dive & crowd surf & one guy kinda richoted off the balcony overhang. Pretty nuts!!! Just as crazy as when I saw them there 2 mos ago with Wilhelm Scream.

Tiger Army was up last, similar setlist to last February including "American Nightmare" for thefirst encore - yay!! Intensely cool to see them in such a small club with no barricade (tho there were some problems with folks trying to jump onstage & accidentially unplugging stuff)

Setlist -

Prelude: Signal Return
When the Night Comes Down
Devil Girl
Santa Carla Twilight
True Romance
Rose of the Devil's Garden
Through the Darkness
Forever Fades Away
Cupid's Victim

American Nightmare
Never Die

Afterwards I went out to the car & got "Vampira" & brought her in to Geoff - I apologized for how long it took me to finish her but he didn't mind & he was thrilled with her & also very relieved that I built a special foam-lined shipping container for her to ride back home in so he didn't have to worry about her getting broken while they finish the tour. Great to get a chance to hang out & talk to him for a while & also gave James a big hug. Missed my boys!

Only regret of the night - once again I missed the opportunity to meet Linas Garsys. He must have been there as Nick gave him a shout out on stage but Chris's friend Tony who knows him & was assigned the task of pointing him out to me didn't see him :( Bummer as he is very high on my list of people I want to meet as one of my favorite artists & original designer of 2 of my tattoos!

some pix of Tiger Army - still gotta sort thru/resize the War Tapes & Unseen pix

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