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Death Note (the movie) Part 1

Went down to Tyson's Corner mall last night with kisarazumama to catch the Japanese live action version of "Death Note" (my fav anime series) - rather than put it in general release Viz chose to do just a limited number of 2 night screenings in various cities before the US DVD release later this year.

Death Note follows Japanese college student Light Yagami who picks up a "Death Note" notebook dropped by the shinigami (death god) Ryuk and finds that any human who's name is written in the notebook will die. He uses this to exact his own justice on the world killing off scores of criminals who die instantly of heart attacks and the various police forces of the world including the FBI soon take notice and start to try and track down the mass murderer behind these killings while "Kira" as he is known in pop culture (the Japanese finding it hard to pronounce "killer") becomes an internet/underground instant mystery celebrity. The police bring in eccentric autistic genius detective "L" to track him down & it turns into a game of cat & mouse between two incredibly intelligent & devious minds while the shinigami hangs around to watch & amuse himself & enjoy earth Apples.

Enjoyed it quite a lot even tho the plot was a bit re-ordered & shortened to fit about a dozen episodes of the anime into a 2 1/2 hr movie and while I would have preferred if it had been subtitled the dubbing was decent & handled by the same voice actors who did the anime version. Decent job of CGI on Ryuk and the actor who played L (Ken'ichi Matsuyama) totalled nailed his eccentricities, also fun to see Chairman Kaga from the Iron Chef show as Light's father. And after the movie they showed a short feature on the making of it & an interview with the director which was cool (and missed by half of the audience who left immediately after the film)

Now to watch the 2nd half tonight at home courtesy of internet downloads (I'd held off for months watching the first half when I found out I'd get a chance to see it on the big screen) & hope that the 3rd movie on L will surface soon....

I have become quite the Death Note junkie/collector & the living room is getting overrun with toys but dammit they make such cool ones (especially the Medicom dolls & big Jun Planning figures)

And next month the same theater will be showing the feature length Bleach anime movie so will head back for that :)
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