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quiet week...

Its been a quiet and uneventful week with next to nothing going on at work and less at home, probably as well as for a few months I ran around like a maniac so it's finally time to rest up & get my shit back together (and at least I am feeling much better & over all the colds & flus!).

We had yesterday off from work since it was a Federal Holiday for the DC area so they could clear out the streets for Emporer Shrub's re-coronation event, since that is no reason to celebrate I still gladly took the day off and slept in 'til noon (when cats were WAY tired of waiting for their breakfast and yowled in my ears in stereo) and Judy and Paula & I did some shopping (got a neat hoodie by Dragonfly at Hot Topic with neat old fashioned tattoo flash designs embroidered down the sleeves that had been talking to me for a week since I'd first seen it) and had a nice lunch at the Longhorn steak house. The calender shop was having a $3 blowout so I finally got my 2005 calenders - a "Get Fuzzy" desk calender for work & one of pinups of Spike (as in "Buffy") for home.

Happy to be getting a good response to my new website (www.ghosttigers.com) - I've been getting between 150-200 hits a day and people steadily joining my message board, plus I am absolutely THRILLED that several folks have sent me sets of photos from the current tour Tiger Army is doing in the UK. So it steadily grows - as predicted it gives me a good hobby in between road trips : ) I'm glad the site is getting such a great response and I've been getting a lot of letters from fellow fans, I guess it really did fill a void for a good (and updated!) TA site!

And speaking of road trips, Danzig is headed back out, will make it to a few more shows - aiming for seeing him at the Agora in Cleveland on Fri Feb 25 (we'll leave extra early & have a good lunch at Alice Cooperstown!) and then Norfolk on March 4 & Hotlanta on March 5th! No Baltimore or DC dates - waaah!

Wish I could join Mary(ancient) for the Anaheim show March 15 but unfortunately we have the 2nd Protein Structure review meeting then, sigh, some days I GOTTA work to pay the bills! So instead I'll save the days off & $$ for the TA tour in April/May : ) Meanwhile it's been pretty quiet around here, no other shows really to speak of.

We're supposed to get hit with a big snowstorm tomorrow so it will be errand time tonight as well as workout session at the gym.... almost up to my first anniversary of joining, am kind of amazed I've actually been able to keep steadily at it as I never thought I'd be able to!
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