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Go Team Venture!

First new episode of the Venture Bros 3rd season aired last night & lived up to expectations, esp as it revolved entirely around my 2 fav characters, Dr Girlfriend & the Monarch! Its hard to wait so long betwen episodes but so worth it.

They've also launched a "Shirt of the Week" club (Here!) and their first offering is what I desired most - the seal of the Guild of Calamitous Intent! So I had to order one - if you want one don't delay as these will only be available this week!

"Metalocalypse" was also hysterical - Deathklok visited the Amazon rain forest and as the "Deathboat" landed I said to Paula "gee that looks just like the boat in Fitzcarraldo" & before you know it Nathan Explosion is hauling it up a mountain & I'm giggling like a fiend. First cartoon I've ever seen spoofing Werner Herzog!

Sigh.... I think the only TV shows I ever watch any more are cartoons, at least until "Heroes" is back but that is pretty much a live action comic book anyhow :)

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