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living at the movies

I've always been a movie geek....back when I still lived with my parents I used to go to the movies almost daily, sometimes as much as 2-3 times a day partly to escape and get out of the house. (Plus they were a lot cheaper then & we had a number of second run dollar theaters & the wonderful rep theater the TLA downtown where I discovered the world of cult cinema like John Waters & the wonders of directors like Kurosawa, Herzog & Fellini)

This is definitely turning into a movie year, partly as escalating transportation costs mean a helluva lot less travel & more time at home than in the last few so I've been happily running off to the cinema every chance I get. In the last week its been Pulp Fiction at the AFI, Kung Fu Panda and Indiana Jones over the weekend and the anime Bleach movie last night. Tomorrow will be the new M. Knight "The Happening" & possibly the Incredible Hulk over the weekend (I'm dubious over the Hulk in general but curious what Ed Nortan can do and if it is even a quarter as good as Iron Man it might be worth seeing as I had NO expectations for Iron Man & Its been one of my favs of the year). And down the road really looking forward to WALL*E, The Dark Knight & Hellboy II.

Meanwhile I'll hoard DVDs for the future in case it gets to where I can't even afford gas to the theaters...after seeing "Death Trance" last week I need to order a copy of "Versus" as Tak Sakaguchi is yummy.
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