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amazing jewelry find....

I admit, I haunt ebay a lot to see what is out there. I often search for "silver skull rings" as that way I have found quite a few by Axel, sometimes not even listed as by him and much cheaper than they would go for if they were! I've been collecting his work since 1993 and have about 40 pieces now - I'm always drawn to elaboratly sculpted jewelry and since I have rather large hands & little delicate pieces look out of place on my fingers I especially love big dramatic rings. But after having some of Axel's work most things bored me by comparison and I haven't bought a whole lot else aside from a few pieces by Pnut/Rusty Pistachio and Paul Komoda (a student of Axel's who sculpted HR Giger's jewelry line)

Then last week while searching I found this piece on ebay inspired by the painter Frida Kahlo & was totally blown away and just had to get one, I obsessed about it for a week & kept going back to look at the pix until the auction closed! The artist, Ruben Xolotol Viramontes, is even custom making mine to fit the finger I want :) I had to check out his website and photobucket pix and am incredibly impressed by his work & resume (architect & designer for Walt Disney!) He is the first jeweler to fire my imagination this much since I first discovered Axel's work. I can certainly see collecting more in the future as several others on his page & on ebay are talking to me :) ( strangemuses - he has some very cool pieces with owls that made me think of you)

(pix posted with permission of the artist)

His description:

This ring is the spirit of Frida, frozen into silver and Mother of Pearl, in the spirit of my culture. July 6 is her birthday, celebrate with this ring.

The Mother of Pearl carving is well protected by the raised silver areas around it.

Here I wish to show a great oneness with nature and culture. The skull with flowers in the eyes sees love all around but blinded by beauty.The big nostrils are wide open to remind us to take a breath of prana. This ring screams love not war. The stones are lab created Star Ruby 5mm, lab created Star Sapphire 5mm, and lab created Burmese Ruby 5mm ( The stones are identical chemical composition and hardness and light refraction, to the natural ). The stones represent planets that we all live with and the same ones Frida saw. On the side of the ring is a half face of the moon. This shows that we, like frida hide part of ourselves to everyone. On the other is the full shinny sun to celebrate life and shower us with flowers and love. This ring is a real celebration of life and death.
There is also a rose on one side, this is the great Diego Rivera.
The Mother of Pearl Skull carved by Ruben measures 1 1/8" tall and 3/4" wide. The bottom of the ring shank is 5/8 " wide. 50 grams of solid Sterling silver. The top of the ring or the "table" is 1 1/2 inches long by 1 1/4 inches wide, this is BIG. Look at photos of Frida, she wore this type of big ring, many of them.

I always love seeing pictures of Frida with her braids gathered on top of her head in an old Tehuana style from Mexico. I remember my Grandmother's braids that way sometimes.
Each ring is designed, hand made,and personally signed and dated by Ruben Xolotol Viramontes.
I will carve a new skull for each order, little changes may occur, they are one of a kind carvings, also material color may vary a little.

Link to website:

Ebay listings:

Commercial Art And Fine Art Site And A Jewelry Portfolio:
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