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The day started off poorly but got better - when I got to work the air conditioning was off & the heater on and it was roasting in the office. Apparently some work had been done on the cooling unit over the weekend that wasn't finished - argh! I had a lot of trouble breathing so I sat out in the lobby for about an hour and as things hadn't improved any I went home.

At least a nice treat awaited me at the post office - my cool Frida ring arrived from Ruben Xolotol Viramontes and it is absolutely stunning and even nicer than in the photos! I'm so impressed by the craftsmanship & its way cool to have something like this custom made to order, he even carved my initials into the band! I will definitely be saving up for more of his work as he has a lot of cool designs that really appeal to me and I think his prices are very reasonable for the workmanship. Plus I'd so much rather buy directly from an artist than a store.

Additional coolness - he's got a webcam in his studio linked on his webpage so you can tune in during the day and watch him work!

Had a fairly relaxed weekend, on Saturday I went to the movies in Bethesda with kisarazumama and strangemuses and we caught "Mongol: The Rise to Power of Genghis Khan" which was excellent - easily one of the best films I've seen this year (and in the past several). strangemuses has a good write up of it here

look - he even carved my initials "EVB" under where he signed his "RXV" (it is also signed & dated inside)

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Commercial Art And Fine Art Site And A Jewelry Portfolio:
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