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The Trio in Richmond

(I'm a few days behind...)

Needed a break & hadn't been to a show in a while so when scarydavedc suggested catching Alkaline Trio in Richmond I was all for it - managed to get last Thursday afternoon off & we roadtripped on down. Met up with his friends Steveo and Re and had a great dinner at Sticky Rice, after all who can pass up the comb of sushi and tater tots? The fried mushrooms with a teriyaki dipping sauce were especially wonderful.

Then we headed over to the National Theater which is run by the folks who brought you the Norva in Norfolk and its a very nicely restored old movie palace. The Fashion opened and were so-so, then Bayside who were considerably better but the Trio stole the show. Great to hear some of the new songs of their forthcoming "Agony and Irony" plus lots of old favs.

Drove back afterwards & good conversation kept me from falling asleep at the wheel and took Friday off & had the supreme luxury of sleeping in - YAY!

Definitely will be catching the Trio again in a couple of weeks at the Rams Head show in Baltimore July 11th :)



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