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Too Cute!

I found this tattoo flash inspired Betsey Johnson carry on bag on ebay & splurged - I'd seen one a few months ago & talked myself out of it & then regretted it so this time I couldn't let it get away, it helped that it was mismarked with the wrong tag & wasn't listed correctly so it went a lot cheaper than the last few did. I hope it will arrive in time for my trip out to Hootenanney next week!

Sigh.... I am such a sucker for cool bags. I REALLY want one of these Trophy Queen purses - saw them at MusInk and can't stop thinking about them... I wonder if they will have a booth at Hootenanney. I think I'd need the hot pink glitter to match my bass.

I just love that glittery metal flake looking apolstery vinyl stuff - so much that I have 4 retro-repro chrome dinette chairs with red glitter apolstery seats in storage waiting until I live in a place with enuff room for a kitchen table! (then to find a cool vintage or good repro table!)
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