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Go away snow!

As promised we got hit by a ton of snow Saturday morning - I had enough time to run to the post office & mail a package and get home before it started getting slippery, didn't even try for the gym.

As we'd bought out the grocery stores Friday night & had everything we'd conceivably need the bunch of us just stayed in all weekend & amused the cats to no end (Rissa decidedly doesn't like the snow & seems to think it is biting her feet).

Worked on my web page, moved my old domain to a new server after my email went down for 2 days for like the zillionth time and they were less than helpful through their "help desk" (uh, why would I intentionally BLOCK my own email address as they suggested?), photographed some of the 6 foot high drift of black T shirts to start a definitive Tiger Army T shirt guide/merch list on my site & sniped a wonderful GRENDEL comic page by Arnold & Jakob Pander off ebay. Another nice addition to the comic art collection : ) Already had the underbidder write me and whine that I buy all the good pages of Argent LOL! (Not true, I only have 4 but then he's not in that many...) Still want to find a good one of Tujiro the kabuki werecat....

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