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A day of frustration....

Started out frustrating, ended up better!

First off, after 3 calls to my Dr's office I was finally able to talk to a nurse about getting my Doctor to write a letter to my boss about my asthma - its never been an issue before, they've always just asked people nicely to refrain from wearing perfume and heavy scents so I wouldn't need a trip to the emergency room from an asthma attack (which has happened a couple of times when somebody walked by me wearing heavy perfumes) but one of the new gals disregards that request and douses herself so much I can't even go over to that side of the office. So I think they need documentation to cover their butts in case it becomes a disciplinary issue... (with that gals its just the tip of the iceberg, she doesn't even show up for work half the time and dares bitch when her check is short from all those hours she didn't work). Anyway those damn new patient privacy protection laws mean that I cannot just call & ask my Dr to write a letter to my boss.... no, I have to take part of a day off work & physically go out there & sign a consent form so they can release it to me to hand deliver... argh... paperwork, we will eventually drown in it!

And then the power charger on the laptop crapped out, an hour on the phone to Dell and eventually I was able to talk to somebody who will just send me a new one after loads of troubleshooting-for-idiots ("no, if I unplug it and remove the battery it will not turn on no matter how long I push the power button") So that should be here in 2-3 days - yay! Glad I got the extended warranty after all.

On a happier note, Tiger Army broadcast live from the BBC1 radio station in England & thru the magic ofthe internet I was able to listen in & record it - an interview with Nick & 3 songs played live in the studio (Ghostfire, Rose of the Devil's Garden & Power of Moonlite) - now I need to re-download from their site as they are archiving it for a week with an additional track, Through the Darkness - swoon! : )

And to cap it off, another contribution for ghosttigers.com - some pix from tonight's show in Belfast courtesy of soralan! I am just blown away at the response I've been getting to the site & how many fans are helping out and am extremely grateful, I'm really aiming it to be a fitting tribute to Tiger Army & the best resource for them on the web - I only hope that Nick will eventually see it & be pleased/flattered!
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