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I ended up skipping the Friday night Alkaline Trio show in Baltimore as I was just too damn tired and knew I'd be miserable Saturday if I'd gotten next-to-no sleep the night before. So I gave my ticket to & instead kisarazumama and I went & caught an early showing of Hellboy II:The Golden Army which was just spectacular.

Got a decent nights sleep & up wall-too early to catch the 6:35 AM Amtrak to NYC - from there we took the subway straight to the Brooklyn Museum for the Murakami show. I'm REALLY happy we got to see it before it closed as it was well worth the trek up - it was a huge retrospective & the museum had gone all out to really bring you into an all-enveloping environment including several large rooms covered in very trippy wallpaper, custom carpeting, decals surrounding windows & customized floor tiles.

There were a number of parents with small children and I wondered if they really knew what they were in for since even tho Murakami's aestheics are heavily borrowed from manga and anime art, some of his pieces are rather, um, adult oriented, most notably "Hiropon" - a large fiberglass sculpture of a happy anime girl in a bikini skipping "rope" on the jets of milk shooting out of her gi-normous breasts and "My Lonesome Cowboy", another large sculpture of a masterbating anime boy creating a large swirling lasso of his emissions. (Pix on WIRED's blog here) (I am still flabergasted at finding that MLC sold for a tad over 15 million including fees at Sotheby's in May and curious as hell over who would pay that much & what would they do with it...)

NY Times review

pix weren't allowed in the exhibition but I got a bunch of the 23-foot-tall “Tongari-kun” (or “Mr. Pointy”) sculpture in the lobby as well as the DOB baloon (above)

photos shamelessly filched of some of the exhibit -

727 and 727-727 - two of my favorite paintings in the exhibit as they so wonderfully combimned the old and the new, a thoroughly modern pop image presented in the format of an Edo-era screen painting.


Tan-Tan-Bo Puking

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