Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

Horrorpops at Warped

Thankfully the Horrorpops (and Aggrolites) played inside the amphitheater so it was shaded and a lot cooler. It was kinda odd seeing the "stripped down" 3 piece version of just Patricia, Kim & Neidermeyer sans dancers & props but honestly worked better than the last time when I saw them opening for Danzig with the new girls copying all of Kamilla and Naomi's moves.

They did invite a couple of gals from the audience onstage though & they certainly seemed to be enjoying their 15 mins of fame & there was so much humping on Patricia's bass while Kim took his turn playing it that Patricia commented "I think its gonna have babies"

Whole page of photos here:

Tags: concert photos, concert pix, horrorpops, nekroman, patrcia day, warped
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