Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

my first real try as a wedding photographer :)

Well actually technically it was the 3rd wedding I've shot but the other two were so long ago I don't even have copies of the pix and well before I had such a fancy schmanchie camera etc :)

When my friends Alex & Rachel told me of their announcement last year (while we were standing in line outside the Wiltern Theater to see Tiger Army) they also asked if I could shoot the photos - since Alex is himself a photographer I was deeply flattered if a little nervous since I knew he would have his own vision of what he would want but I did my best & I think they came out well!

I'm so happy for them - they are absolutely the perfect couple, like two halves of one soul - they've been together for about 4 years & barely apart for a more than a few hours. They are so lucky to have found each other & I wish them many happy years together.

(note: these are all totally uncropped/color corrected etc - I'm handing all the files over to Alex so he can edit as he likes!)

The ceremony was held in a beautiful park in Laguna Beach overlooking the Pacific:

Reservoir Dogs!

Rick from the Devil Bats provided music including an acoustic instrumental of "Sistinas"

the groomsmen gather up some liquid courage:


Rachel in the limo:

check out the cool shoes!

Rachel's little brother Shane was the ring bearer (and quite a ham)

Rachel & her mom

an extra guest at the ceremony he brought 3 friends)

Alex's sister April held the reception at her house & did an amazing job on all the decorations:

and hired security:

the lovely couple at the reception:

Very cool Day of the Dead theme wedding cake!!

for a wedding gift I gave them the original drawing "Heart Vial" by Linas Garsys that had been used as an AFI T shirt/hoodie/patch etc. Since Alex had it tattooed on his forearm I knew it would mean a lot more to them than me and I'd rather give a more personal gift than sheets or pots & pans. I think I made a good choice - check out the look on Alex's face as he unwrapped - his first words "is that what I think it is?"

he then had to peel his shirt sleeve to show everybody else why he was so bowled over:

more unwrapping:
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