Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

just chilling

Had a pretty low key weekend, went to the AFI late Friday night with kisarazumama and atomagedevilman & caught Tim Burton's 1st, "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" on the big screen and then Saturday I went to the Kentlands to catch "Tropic Thunder" which was pretty funny. Looking forward to seeing "Near Dark" at the AFI this coming weekend as I've never seen it in the theater.

Good to head to the movies & unwind as I was a bit tense after finding more credit card fraud - one of my Visa cards had a charge on it for $269 for some place called "Germanwings" - I googled it & could only find a German airline by that name so I'm disputing the charge and waiting for my new card to arrive as I had to cancel the old one. How dare somebody go galavanting around Europe on my dime without me!

Last night was the season's final episode of the Venture Bros. and I am devastated at the loss of one of my two favorite henchmen. Why did he have to buckle up?? Poor 24 :( Does this mean 21 will inherit the Nissan Stanza? Looks like there will be lots of Molotov in the next season. I am so addicted to this show, so hard to wait while they make new ones but at least "Heroes" will be back on soon. LOL probably a good thing I only watch about 1 television show a week!

Today is strangemuses's birthday so kisarazumama and I will be taking her to Ziki's steak house for dinner tonight as that is our favorite place to celebrate! Woot!

Sigh, this bag screamed Liz, it will make a great airline carry on bag even tho I need more luggage like I need a hole in my head...

and made sure to order my black hearts shirt in time : )

Tags: lizjunk, movies
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