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asthma really bites....

The bronchitis came back hard last week & I ended up going back to the Drs on Friday needing some breathing treatments & an IV to get stuff into my system sooner, so now I'm back on antibiotics and prednisone for another 10 day treatment.... blehhh.... I am so damn sick of this rotten brochitis that keeps coming back (3rd time since September), I can't wait til Spring & some warmer weather as the cold and snow haven't been helping. Finally breathing better & not coughing so much but just so damn tired.

On a happier note, yesterday was Paula's birthday so Judy and I took her out to dinner to the nice Thai place in town Old Siam...yummm I love everything there, definitely need Thai food more often! I found Paula a cool present on ebay, its a huge sculpture/snow globe thingie of Maleficent the evil witch from Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty and she totally flipped over it. I always figure the best way to not get depressed over getting older on b'days is to completely bribe yourself with goodies : )

Not much new, want to head to Best Buy & get the DVD of Wonderfalls now that its out since I never got to see it before it got cancelled on TV, have heard nothing but rave reviews. Got a couple cool books coming thru the mail (finds from abebooks.com), finally tracked down the huge one on Rene Lalique's jewelry I've been searching for since they had a big exhibit on him at the Smithsonian a few years ago, I keep thinking some of his art nouveau jewelry designs would make amazing tattoos and this book has a lot of his design drawings included as well as photos of the finished pieces.... heading to Jinx proof on Sunday for a few touchups & maybe start thinking about that right sleeve.
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