Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

the cat rock lady....

While at the cat show I was delighted to find "the cat rock lady", a/k/a Julie Braucksick who is a very talented artist who takes rocks and paints them into cats. They are really quite amazing - I first saw her work 2 years ago at this show and bought a little orange striped tabby rock and promised myself another as I'd love to collect them as they are all so different and the detail is just amazing. This time I wanted something different so I leaned towards the cats with white markings and got an adorable little calico ( shown at right) - the photo is much bigger than the actual piece! She is a portrait of a cat named "Enya" (all are portraits of rescued cats & the money she makes goes back into the rescue fund)

Check out the underside (photo below) - I love how she paints the little toepads.

you can check out her website here:

Tags: art, cat rocks, cat show, kitties, lizjunk
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