Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

I want my fungus back - waaah!

For the last few years I've been delirously happy with my XM satellite radio in my car, spending most of my drive time listening to their punk station "Fungus" and often tuning it in on my computer thru their website. They played a wonderful range of stuff & had a great psychobilly show "Hee Haw Hell" twice a day (4x on Mondays), heck they even played the Zombie Ghost Train CDs I mailed them & emailed me to tell me how much they liked them! I remember a couple weeks ago being deliriously happy when driving to the movies I heard Tiger Army & ZGT and coming home I heard The Misfits and Alkaline Trio. How glorious to have a radio that played so much you love!

Notice I said "had". This morning I got in my car & instead of hearing the Ramones or Clash or NoFX or "Dave Navarro's Goatee Fucking sucks" all I got was an ad for an all AC/DC station. What the fuck? yeah, Fungus is gone and they are apparently replacing it with all AC/DC all the time as if their "Mandatory Metallica" station wasn't enough. But why sacrifice the punk station, why not one of the several metal stations?

I am really bummed out, I listened to that station like 90% of the time in my car, the other 10% would be the 80s/new wave station "Fred" when kisarazumama got too "punked out" and I took pity on her. But I can't hear anything new on Fred, its pretty much what I'd get if I put my iPod on shuffle as I have all that stuff anyway so I wouldn't pay $13 a month just for Fred.

Anyway I've written them to ask what is up, if it is temporary for how long so I can hopefully put my account on hiatus or something, if it is gone for good I'll prolly just cancel & go back to burning car CDs or jacking my ipod in.

I think this has me more depressed than knowing I prolly lost $20,000 in stock value today....

Anybody else a Fungus junkie? is the Sirius punk station any good? When I rented a car with it for a week it seemed to pretty much play the same few things over and over again but that was last year - is it any better now?

what a rotten day....
Tags: fungus, satellite radio, xm, xm radio
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