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Fungus update

I called XM radio last night to cancel my service, the folks I spoke to told me that the AC/DC thing was a limited promo and that Fungus would be back on Jan 15th so I told them OK, can I put my service on hiatus, I don't want to pay for it while I'm not listening to it? They told me if I did I'd have to pay a $15 set up fee when I reconnected - I said "well that's better than paying for several months I don't use."

They tried to sell me a full year for $77 so I'd get 6 months free - I told them I didn't trust them enough that my fav station would be back to pay that much up front. They finally offered to give me 3 months free and not charge me again until January 2009 - I figure if Fungus is not back on Jan 15th as promised then I will permanently cancel my service.

Maybe if more people voted with their feet they'd listen more.
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