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more updates soon I promise!

I've been taking pix faster than I've had a chance to look thru them all.... have tons to come from a cool vintage hot rod show & rockabilly fest in Baltimore, many great shots of Time Again and the Street Dogs last week at the Ottobar & then more from Sunday of the Koffin Kats and my friend Nate Hancock (upright bassist for 12 Step Rebels) and his new band the Doomsdayers at the red & the Black in DC. I'd hoped to see them both again last night in Baltimore at the Sidebar but I was just too exhausted to make it, work has been crazy with the end-of-the-fiscal-year juggling for us Feds dealing in contracts and such and right now I wish I could sleep for a week! At least I'm over the hump....

I picked up the new Nightmare Before Christmas tribute CD "Nightmare Revisited" tonight but was disappointed that the song Tiger Army recorded for it wasn't on there *BUT* helpful Mozfan on my ghosttigers board came thru & pointed out that for 99 cents you could buy it as a digital download from Amazon so YAY since it's my fav from that movie, Oogie Boogie's Song!

Off to bed...need sleep... many cool pix to come...
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