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finally some improvement......

Felt shitty all weekend but am FINALLY feeling a little better today, hoping the respiratory crap is finally clearing up - yay, about freaking time!! Yesterday was low key but productive, got Susan to touch up some of my tattoos that we hadn't gotten a round to doing before, she got a little carried away & started adding in more detail & stuff (not that I mind) and decided to redo all the black on my backpiece to make it darker so now I'm kinda sore - ouchie!

Since it was superbowl Sunday it was the best day of the year to go eat in a normally crowded restaurant so on the way home Judy and I went to Cheesecake Factory & were able to walk right in and get a table - normally it is a 3 hour wait!!! Good timing on our part, as we were leaving there was a long line - all women - we dubbed them the "Football Widows". Our first choice was the mongolian grill but they had closed for the day - grrr...what do they think it is, Thanksgiving or something???

Seriously contemplating making a very large (both in terms of $$$$ and sheer size) purchase for my music memorabilia collection... oh man I am crazy and off the deep end but it would be way too freaking cool and how could I pass up. Busy trying to line up some stuff to sell in the hopes I can pull this off.... The practical side of me says I have no earthly use for it, the fan/collector in me sees a slice of musical history and thinks if I listened to the practical side more often I would have a much more boring life....
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