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damn lungs....

I've been fighting it for a month but the blasted cough I had wouldn't go away & was getting worse, got a bit scared Thurs night when I started wheezing & several breathing treatments on the nebulizer wouldn't help so went to Kaiser's urgent care last night & sure enuff, they did chest xrays and I've got a nasty infection in my lungs so for now its back on antibiotics & steroids...damn damn damn. atomagedevilman - Sorry I didn't get back to you about going to Wilmington for Doomsdayers, I sure wish I could have instead of sitting in the Kaiser center on IVs!!! First round of bronchitis for the year! (was beginning to fear walking pnuemonia)

So I got myself the new 3 dics Hellboy II DVD set for a present & look forward to the "fudge" on there!
Tags: asthma, guillermo, sickliz
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