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Scheming for the future....

On a whim I searched Ticketmaster to see if any of the upcoming Tiger Army tour was listed & bingo - they have a listing for April 1st in Anaheim, CA at the House of Blues so it looks like they'll be starting their US tour in SoCal like hey did last year. Hmmm its a Friday (and presumably the 2nd show of the tour since their website said the actual tour starts March 31st) so maybe I can go out for a few days and hit the first few shows of the tour like I did last year when they started the Punks Vs. Psychos tour... that would be a blast!! Waiting impatiently for more dates to be announced before I plunge but there are cheap airfares available for then (like $99 each way on Southwest)

At least its something happy to look forward to, still struggling somewhat with bronchitis, will go back to see Dr. Kossari again on Tuesday, meanwhile she prescribed more meds overthe phone. Cough...Hack..Sputter. This has gotten really old.

Sad news on the pet front, we lost our little cockatiel Zillah last night - she went quietly, presumably of old age - we got her some years back from our old friend Vicki who gave her away before she married Dr Jeckle/Mr Hyde who made her give away all her stuff and I have no idea how old she was when Vicki got her. She was always a sweet little bird and never any trouble even if she wasn't very bright. Sniff!
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