Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

art geeking....again

Home today from work, still totally wiped out from the chest infection , at least the wheezing has stopped but I was coughing up a storm this morning as it was all breaking up so I did another breathing treatment & called Pam to let her know I wouldn't make it in & went back to sleep for another 6 hours and am feeling a lot better now though still tired. The prednisone has made my blood sugar levels insane so hopefully they will normalize as the dosage tapers off. Just so tired & frustrated!!

Got an email from a fellow looking to sell a neat Linas Garsys drawing (shown here) apparently done for a Tiger Army design but not used (who knows, maybe it will pop up down the road!) so glad to add that to the collection. :)

Also I am absolutely THRILLED to bits that Illicit has decided to release a ton of Marty Emond's artwork in small editions of print sets - they just added NINE sets to their websites including two sets that reprint the super rare tattoo flash portfolio he did many years ago (so obscure I only found out about it a few months ago when I saw somebody selling it on New Zealand's version of ebay that us foreigners can't join - Pooh!) I have been writing back & forth with Steve from Illicit who along with Marty's parents run his estate and he will be issuing more, promises something "darker" later this year :) So happy to see them making his artwork available again!

Linkie -

UPDATE: seller could not find the Tiger army design so he substituted a neat Linas drawing of a crow done for an AFI t shirt!

Tags: art, linas garsys, lizjunk, martin emond, marty emond, marty fuckin' emond
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