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a day for good news : )

It was a day for good news.... I got up & found that Ticketmaster had a few more Tiger Army shows listed & best of all, the one for April 27th at the Agora in Cleveland lists 12 Step Rebels as one of the opening bands so maybe they are opening for the 2nd half of the tour???? Seeing those 2 tour together again would make me soooo happy!

Then I went out for a few hours, had some great kebobs & went to the movies, saw "Finding Neverland" with Johnny Depp (sigh!) and really enjoyed it, just glad it was still in the theater since I was afraid of missing it, the last few weekends I've just felt too sick to do much... I am slowly feeling better but still tired & concerned about the underlying wheeze but at least will see my regular doctor on Tuesday.

Came back & found that (shock!) they'd actually updated the Tiger Army offish site and added more tour dates! Now months ago I promised myself that if they did a show on my birthday I'd be there come hell or high water no matter where I needed to go - so to my amazement I discovered they are playing HERE! as in Washington DC at the Black Cat on my birthday! Home town show for Liz on her b'day and I am thrilled! (Of course I'll still travel to whatever others I can make it to but my b'day is special to me!)

So now time to sell some stuff, raise $$ and make plans & shop for cheapie airfares - the tour starts March 31 in Ventura, CA and April 1 in Anaheim and it would be fun to go do the first couple shows like I did last year! (And its supposed to wind up sometime in May with 3 nights at the Sunset Strip House of Blues)
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