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more cool mail.... but.....

'scuse me while I vent a bit over lousy customer service....

I got a kewl new Tokidoki messenger bag in the "concerto punk" design as I am such a sucker for Simone Legno's artwork & just love the little punk design. I ordered it from an online store called "Karmaloop" and got a good price on sale + a code for free shipping but the piece was incomplete & their customer service snippy at best. The Tokidoki bags all come with attached toys they call "qees" and this line should have had a little cartoony Grim Reaper figure called "Adios". All the ones pictured on the official site shop.tokidoki.it as well as on this online dealer's site show in the photos.

Well he was missing and I asked where he was & got a curt reply about how the description didn't mention it and I wrote them back pointed out that the photos showed it AND the price tag said "2 piece item" only to be told "I do apologize but The Creativa Large Messenger Bag in Concerto Punk is not a 2 piece item and no other item comes with this bag."

Inquired on the tokidoki_it community & was advised that yes it should have had the toy and got some comments like

"I think it's bad business especially for a company so popular with selling Tokidoki. I checked out the webpage you linked and no where does it say "qee" included but it's photographed with it.

Next time they need to write a disclaimer and say "qee for photo presentation only"


"Agreed with the first poster. ALL bags, except for the TD/HK as far as I know, have Qees. The new line has the red adios qee. Yes, you should have definitely been discounted. As pricey as these bags are, whether or not they were on sale, I'd complain. That's bad business.

I was always feeling iffy about going to Karmaloop for Tokidoki stuff..."

So anybody thinking of buying one, be careful of this dealer if you want a complete item. At least I got a chance to warn a large group of collectors on LJ. These bags certainly are not cheap and I think its pretty low of them to try and weasel out of part of the piece because it wasn't in the description when it was in the photo.

Their description seems to be taken word for word anyhow from the official tokidoki site which doesn't specifically mention them either ("Large messenger bag with roomy exterior mesh pockets, full size exterior back pocket, two underflap pockets, zip closure main compartment, interior phone and music player pockets, interior zip pocket and large mesh pockets.") but the collector's site that tells how to tell a real bag from a fake specifically says If the bag does not have the “qee” toy(spring 2006-summer 2007) or tokidoki Adios keychain(fall 2007 onwards) attached to it on a keyring with a chain, proceed with caution. All tokidoki bags (including wallets and acessories) come with a qee/tokidoki keychain - except for Braccialettos.. Not that I think this bag is fake, it certainly looks real, just missing the toy.

I guess next time I'll stick to buying in person, I should have picked one up at Happy Six or the Virgin Megastore when I was in LA. Guess i'll have to hunt Adios down on ebay...

new bag -

back -

will make nice laptop bag -

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