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amazing art find......

Some years ago, my room mate kisarazumama showed me some postcards she'd found of some horse paintings she remembered from her childhood that had been reproduced on puzzles when she was little. They were this amazing combination of stylized horses in surreal fantasy landscapes very remniscent of Salvador Dali or DeChirico and instantly recognizeable in style. I fell in love with them & wanted to find out more!

We found some prints on ebay over the last few years & have found out more about the artist who was an American woman named Ruth Ray (1919-1977) who was apparently fairly well known in her lifetime - Paula recently found an old issue of "American Artist" froM April of 1957 with a feature article on her and her work is in several museums. She also did commercial illustrations and book covers including ones for authors like Isaac Asimov, Madelaine L'Engle and C.L. Moore.

Recently more info has surfaced including a web site of her work - http://www.ruthrayartist.com and there is now a book available on Amazon (which I haven't had the $$ to pick up yet as it is a whopping $130!)

kisarazumama has a fan site too - www.spookhouse.net/angelynx/horses/ruthray-mainpage.html

So you can imagine I pretty much stopped dead in my tracks about a week and a half ago when I found a work by her on ebay up for auction. Not only was it one of her originals, but one of her horses. One of the very ones kisarazumama has a print of, a Palomino stallion called "Golden Ruler". I vowed to try for it and was encouraged that it had a really low starting bid and estimate and am completely blown away that I won it and it will be coming here. Wow, my first chance to see a real Ruth Ray in person and it will be mine.

What a small world it is.

Today should be nice and quiet, looking forward to Thanksgiving off, will head out to a wonderful buffet with kisarazumama and atomagedevilman and enjoy happy food coma.
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