Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

sad times....

Found out tonight that Forry Ackerman passed away yesterday after a long illness and reloaded the page to find that Bettie Page had a heart attack and is in a coma. Too much bad news at once. :(

There is a nice tribute to Forrey up now on Ain't It Cool-

And an obituary on the LA Times site

Sigh.... how i loved Famous Monsters as a kid, back when I'd save up my allowance & head down to Mapes 5 & 10 and pick up lots of the old Warren magazines like FM and Eerie and Creep as well as the Aurora monster kits. And I know I am but one of many he had a big influence on.

Weird thing is Paula and I had JUST been talking about him about half an hour before I found this out, while cruising ebay and crying over the stuff-we'd-buy-in-a-heartbeart-if-we-won-the-lottery. A seller called "Profiles-in-History" is selling the most amazing movie memorabilia (well, at least since their last big auction that include THE Maltese Falcon) including some amazing stuff from Forry's collection like a Martian war machine and were wondering how he was doing since I'd recently read he was gravely ill.

(Now if I could only win the lottery this week I could bid on the costumes for Buckaroo Banzai/Peter Weller and New Jersey/Jeff Goldblum, some of the stop motion figures from Corpse Bride & best of all - Jack Skellington driving his coffin sleigh pulled by reindeer skeletons with Zero leading the way! I won't go for Luke Skywalker's lightsaber, the chunk of the Death star or Indiana Jones' bullwhip & fedore, honest! See.... hearing about people like Forry inspired me that you can collect this stuff! I think he would have gotten a kick out of this crazy fannish apartment if he'd visited, I'm sure he's seen many much like this place! :)
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