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Good company, good food

Kristen stopped by yesterday along with her mom. She's been offered a nursing job in LA and is moving out to West Hollywood so they are making a leisurely two week road trip out of the journey and made Gaithersburg their first stop : )

I've known Kristen for about 8-9 years now, met her at some of the early Manson shows along with our mutual friend Regina and we've been road trip buddies many dozens of times since. Kristen has been great in terms of keeping in touch with everybody over the years, especially those of us who can be neglectful of contact and then I feel guilty as heck! Good to see her under better circumstances since the last time I did was at Carrie's funeral back in March which was pretty upsetting even tho the one bright spot was she introduced me to her neighbor Mike she'd often mentioned as a "big Misfits fan" - he turned out to be none other than Myke Hideous , singer of the goth band Empire Hideous who I've gotten to be friends with (embarassing to say you had a good time at a funeral because you spent all day yaking to a very attractive and personable fellow but I did!)

This time I finally got to meet her mom and they are very much alike - mom is obviously enjoying the idea of an extended vacation away from home & was already thrilled at the novelty of learning to pump her own gas, I guess she'd never been out of New Jersey before (where it is all full serve). Kristen is nervous at moving away cross country but still eager & excited - she's a hard worker and I'm sure will do well! At least in her career it is easy to find a good paying job and the place that has hired her has already lined up an apartment for her near Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood.

So Kristen and her mom came early to our place to beat the rush hour traffic and were greeted by Judy & Rissa (the super friendly kitten). Paula and I got home from work about 5ish and Regina followed with her husband Ben about an hour later. Since Kristen's mom had never had Thai food we took them to Old Siam, an EXCELLENT Thai restaurant nearby in Olde Towne Gaithersburg. Kristen and her mom both liked my suggestion of the pineapple chicken with cashew nuts that comes served in a hollowed out pineapple half and the Tom Ka Gai spicy chicken and coconut milk soup which is to die for. Good food, good company, relaxation : )

Good to see Regina again since we see her so rarely even tho she lives pretty much within walking distance, ever since she found Ben she's pretty much shut everybody else out of her life and we might only hear from her once or twice a year which is still so weird since we used to speak daily before : ( Strange how a new boyfriend/marriage can mutate people.

Kristen has invited me to come visit so I think I'm going to head out there for Thanksgiving and I can catch those last 3 dates for Tiger Army opening for Social Distortion at the Wiltern Theater in LA as they are playing the day before Thanksgiving and the Friday & Saturday after. She will have to work some of those days and probably on Thanksgiving but will try and schedule to take at least one of those nights off so she can go to at least one of the shows - she is a huge Social Distortion fan and got really excited when I told her about the shows : ) Plus she loved the idea of having a friend there for her first big holiday alone so she wouldn't feel so isolated all across the country without her family and friends. I also gave her a copy of their new album to listen to on the road plus all of Tiger Army's stuff so she can hear what I'm raving on about, hope she likes them but figure since she loves AFI & Social Distortion she'll prolly enjoy 'em!

Today will be a small but significant accomplishment for me - I will hit my 100th visit to the gym since I joined in late January. Who would have believed I could keep it up, me the kid who used to daily forge typed excuse letters on my father's stationary so I could get out of phys ed in school. I'm pleased with myself I've been able to keep it up even if the weight loss is frustratingly slow and subject to long plateaus, also sometimes I can gain simply because muscle weighs more than fat even if it takes up less room. I just keep telling myself not to get frustrated, that I am making progress even if it is difficult to see in the short term and try and picture where I could be a year or two for now, so much better than not doing anything or worse yet just sitting around feeling sorry for myself!

Lots to pack tonight, will leave for Texas tomorrow from work for my trip to San Antonio and Austin. I'm nervous going so far alone (even tho I've done further for longer, its just been a while) but still excited and slightly giddy.
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