Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

lightning strikes twice.....

A few weeks ago I won an amazing oil painting of a Palomino horse by American surrealist Ruth Ray in a live auction I found via ebay - no sooner had it arrived than the same auction house listed another from her horse series. And I about died - it was "Handsome Witch", the dark bay Thoroughbred galloping in a ghostly landscape. This has been Paula's favorite painting when she was a small child and had a picture puzzle of this very same painting that she cherished. And here was the original.

And it turns out I was the only bidder and now the original is hanging in her bedroom. Funny how things turn out.

I also noticed that the recent website on her work had added some pricelists from her gallery shows - at a retrospective held in 1991 her paintings were selling for between $6,000 and $30,0000!!!! Needless to say I paid a small fraction of that for both and am completely stunned and blown away.

And the Merry Karnowsky gallery just emailed me the tracking # of my Mark Ryden print so it should be here soon - whoop! It has been a good year for art, maybe next year I can afford some FRAMES!

Moz tix onsale in one hour for the National in Richmond on Friday the 13th of March - crossing fingers I can nab them!
Tags: art, lizjunk, ruth ray
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