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gravest hits....

I was very depressed last night to learn of the passing of Lux Interior of The Cramps due to heart problems. That same sort of aching hole inside you feel knowing that part of your childhood is gone, much like I felt when I heard of the passings of Joey Ramone and Joe Strummer. I've been a huge Cramps fan for a LONG LONG time, its hard to describe how much I love this band.... I would definitely include their first album "Songs the Lord Taught Us" on my list of all time top ten "desert island discs" and I cherish my collection of their original early 7"s.

My favorite memory of Lux is when I saw them at Linsner Auditorium in DC in the early 90s back when Candy Del Mar was in the band - Lux came out wearing just a thong and high heels much to the horror of the big black bouncer in front of me.... he was doing all kinds of crazy dances & would periodically take off one of his heels & pour champagne into it & drink outta it. The poor bouncer kept trying to avert his eyes rather than see such shocking behavior, he just was NOT dealing with it.... and then he had to stop himself when he got caught up & started boppin' along when they did "Mommas Little Baby Loves Shortenin Bread" without realizing it, it was tooo funny.

Nobody ever quite captured that demented edge onstage like Lux, they were absolutely one of the BEST live bands I'd ever seen (and trust me, I've seen hundreds over the years), I'm am just glad I got to see them a few times but I will miss them terribly. Poor Poison Ivy, I can't even imagine what she will do without him - I heard a story that when they moved from Akron to NYC in the 70's to make it in the world of rock and roll they made a suicide pact and promised to dive off the Empire state building together should they fail. They did not.

Rest in peace Lux, you will be much missed.

Update - the LA Times posted a very nice piece about Lux written by Henry Rollins
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