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I'm so proud - my first album cover!

I am soooo proud of this, I've had pix of mine used in inner sleeves/foldouts etc before but this is the first time one has made it on the front cover and I am thrilled! Especially for a band that I really admire and enjoy & have been listening to for years! I admit, when I was a kid pouring over rock magazines and admiring the work of people like Mick Rock I'd fantasize that one day I'd be shooting the covers so I feel like I've finally fulfilled my teenage fantasy!

They photoshopped in the lightning bolt, the photo I took at the Grove in Anaheim last Halloween when they opened for Tiger Army! Special thanks to beatnick138 who did the layout & graphics (and more o my pix are in the CD booklet too!)

You can order it here - http://www.thequakes.com/merch.html

If you want to see more I shot that night, check out my flickr
Tags: concert photos, the quakes
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