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got my NINJA tix!

For Nine Inch Nails & Janes Addiction at Merriweather Post on June 9th. I struck out yesterday at the presale which apparently only had crappy seats towards the back but managed to snag some pretty decent ones today at the main onsale! Yay though they sure gouged for these - $75 + service charges came out to like $86.80 each, at least if I pro-rate it that comes out to $43.40 per band I want to see. Better than the Depeche Mode tix - I checked what the decent seats at Nissan were and they were $89.50 + charges so decided to skip that one. sigh....oh for the days of seeing these bands in clubs for like $10 each....

I must have been stressed about not getting tickets as I had a weird dream yesterday about not being able to access Ticketbastard's page as I hadn't paid for a higher rate of internet, obviously my scrambled brain was mixing it with digital cable....
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