Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

I so did not need this.....

But some dude next door needed it less......

3:00 AM - get up as I gotta pee. Lie back down, try to get back to sleep. Goddamn car alarm in parking lot goes off. And again. And again. I get up & lookout the window to see what jerkwad is responsible and HOLY FUCK! A minivan is engulfed in flames parked outside the building next door. Race to living room, call 911 and they say help is on the way, wake up Paula. Grab camera. OK I confess, I missed the ultimate huge flames shot because I was afraid to get too close to the window in case the gas tank exploded so this is after the firemen started dousing.

Now the adrenalin is wearing off and I am way too jittery to sleep & my heart is still pounding a million miles a minute. Dread making it thru work today but at least I got 4 hrs of sleep.....

Tags: car-b-que
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