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I think I'm finally on the mend....

BeetlejuiceWent back to the Drs yesterday - they upped my predinose dose right away and it FINALLY ended the wheezing, now i have to taper off the dosage over the next week but hopefully it will be the end of it, the nasty cough is finally going away. Last night was the first night in 3 weeks I was breathing well enough to go back to the gym and work out so I'm sore today but glad I could make it - breathing hard but managed to make it thru the whole workout - yay!

Got my ticket for the Tiger Army show at the House of Blues in Anaheim April 1st - yahoo! Gonna visit with Mary (Ancient on the 7th house & DF boards) who I met out at the Danzig shows in December, will be great to hang out with her& meet her son who is a huge AFI fan.

Meanwhile have been finding too much cool shit on ebay - after years of searching I just landed an original animation cel from the Beetlejuice cartoon - yay!!! And even cooler, the seller is a really nice guy & told me he also had one of Lydia that he'd just give me and mail with it! That made me so happy since I've NEVER seen one of Lydia and she'd my favorite character. I remember back when the Beetlejuice movie came out that week everybody I knew called me up & wanted to know if Lydia was supposed to be me as a kid. I always got teased about the "my life is a big, dark room" line so you can bet I almost died when I heard that pop up in AFI's song "Despair Factor"!

Also snagged an amazing pinup of Satanika by Michael Wm. Kaluta with a very reasonable buy-it-now of about half what similar Kaluta's usually go for. I found it amusing that on Valentine's Day I'd buy myself a present of a demoness ripping some dude's heart out... how oddly appropriate!

Also updated my comicartfan gallery here: http://www.comicartfans.com/GalleryDetail.asp?GCat=2096

Satanika by Kaluta
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