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warning...some upcoming photo spamming :)

Sorting thru tons of photos from the last few weeks from my trip to Las Vegas & the DC Cherry Blossom festival with the help of my new best friend, Mr. iMac. I got bit my the apple bug hard - the infection started in October when I replaced my dying Dell Inspiron laptop with one of the brand spankin' new aluminum MacBooks that had just been announced (partly to avoid dealing with Vista as everybody I know who has a laptop with Vista wants to throw it out a window) and totally loved it.

Then in December my 2 1/2 year old and not-cheap (grr!!!) Alienware deskop refused to boot and I kept meaning to take it in to get fixed (in no rush as it weighs like 70 lbs) and kept putting it off while I used the MacBook and the more I thought of it the more I decided to just embrace the Mac and hell with windows. Yeah I know, people had been telling me to do that for years, I think I was afraid of buying all new software but, um, I found ways around that that were easier than anticipated.

So Tuesday I splurged and bought a nice birthday present to myself (b'day is Sunday April 19th - a/k/a National Blow Things Up day)- one of the new 24" iMacs (2.93GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 650 GB hard drive, 4 GB memory) and OMG I love it. Keep getting so enthralled playing with it I forget to go to bed & have been staying up way too late this week (need sleep!!!) Last night I discovered the fun of the bells & whistles in the new iPhoto with the GPS tagging and facial recognition software and OMG it posts stuff to my flickr with just the touch of a button.

And the screen!!!!! Now mind you we have an old regular analog color TV, no fancy digital/plasma/hi-def etc etc so last night I was watching "Dollhouse" and found that streaming hi-def on the iMac monitor in fullscreen is amazing, a million times better than the boob tube. Needless to say it is aces for reviewing the ninety zillion photos I shoot a week... This will prolly become the all-purpose machine :) (meanwhile the Alienware is a very large paperweight)

My new pet:

how far we've come from my first computer (gulp) 25 years ago when I got one of the FIRST Mac's back in 1984. It had a whopping 512KB (that's KILOBITES as opposed to Megabites or Gigabites), meaning it had about 1/40,960th the memory of my iPod. Seriously. And cost $2500 and was absolete in about a week which made me gunshy of buying another computer for about, um, about 10 years (when I discovered teh INTERNET!!!!) By comparison they are amazingly cheap now for what you get.

Ha ha this is what the old one looked like:

To do pretty much ANYTHING you needed that extra external drive and to continually swap the old hardshelled floppy discs back and forth continuously. It was insane. But whooo, it was a computer when everybody else was still on their typewriters. And it actually helped me get my first job at NIH because they were so impressed I had COMPUTER EXPERIENCE back then and caught on quick. So in the end it was worth the price.
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