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Frenzy at the House of Blues!

Here are some pix of UK psychobillies Frenzy who opened for Tiger Army last week at the HOB in Las Vegas - even tho they are very old skool I'd never gotten an opportunity to see them before and they were great!

Looks like I'll get that chance again as they are playing the Ink & Iron tattoo convention on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA the first weekend in June along with a great lineup including Batmobile, the Peacocks, The Koffin Kats, the Henchmen and Creepshow. Eric only had to twist my arm a very little bit to convince me it was a good idea, helped by the $119 fares each way nonstop from Dulles to LAX on Virgin :)

I've wanted to try Virgin since they started their DC routes, I hear they have wifi on their planes & outlets to plug in yer laptops. And groovy mood lighting.

Lots more pix in my Flicker set:


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