Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

the swankness that is the Mandalay Bay

Seriously this was the poshest hotel I've ever stayed in. I always wanted to but on previous trips when I checked their rates it was like $300-400 a night and I'm too much of a cheapass to blow that on a room. At least I've upgraded some from back in the day when my friends all called Motel 6 "Chez Liz". But when I found rates from $79 a night this time I was like oh hell YES and booked that reservation. And it exceeded my expectations.

The check in desk:


Fishtank near the check in desks:

waterfall visible from behind the fishtank:

You can rent a private Cabana by the pool. Ummm wonder if they can come with Cabana boys?

One of the cool sculptures by the pool(s)

pool area:

the wave pool:

Frog fountain out by the casino

tower o' wine at the restaurant Aureole

cute signs for the sushi bar named "JPop" with loligoth gals

15th floor lobby:

hallway leading to room:

entrance hall to room & full length mirror

wonderfully comfy beds topped by thick featherbed - perfect nest!

subtle leopard carpet

big TV

the view at night:

Bathroom sink #1 of 2

Hidef TV in bathroom angled for optimum viewing in tub:

HUGE deep tub with armrests built into the sides perfect for relaxing

Separate shower stall & entrance to potty

Not only did the toilet have its own room, it had a phone. Talk about executive washroom!
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