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more pix from Vegas

this time pix of friends & hanging out!

Jeff and the Stellar Corpses-

Jeff and Adam

Adam's crazy tattoo

Albert handling TA's merch booth

Albert & his lovely fiance' Jessica who is an old friend of mine :)

Kamilla and Geoff

James poses with fan

cool Misfits tattoo

Tigerbat tattoo spotted at show

this girl is a friend of Steve's & had some amazing fine line work

HOB poster

new TA shirt (need to get a photo of the cool Dickies jacket they did!!!)

and from the next night after I went to see Penn & Teller at the Rio they were both hsnging out in the lobby after the show. I wish I'd brought somethingto get signed but since I hate having my pix taken I got pix of them with random folks -


Teller (he was mobbed!)
Tags: geoff, kamilla vanilla, las vegas, penn, stellar corpses, teller, tiger army
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