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I love it when an actor just totally nails a character....

Got to see "L Change the World" at the theater in Tyson's Corner tonight - its the followup to the 2 live action movies based on the Death Note manga/anime featuring the character "L" and once again I am just so blown away by how Ken'ichi Matsuyama totally nails one of my favorite fictional characters of all time. (now I just pray they don't him the disservice of an English remake) This one was directed by Hideo Nakata, best known for "the Ring" & somehow the subject matter of an incredily infectious pandemic disease seemed particularly timely this week.

So nice some of these films make it over here to the big screen if only for a night or two, thank you nice Fathom people ;)

Speaking of potential pandemics, scientists can be such geeks. Some of the guys at work are practically giddy with excitement over getting tons of new data to analyze on how infections spread. (facepalm)
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