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The Quakes in Baltimore!


Had a great time last night - headed up to Baltimore, well technically Essex to the northwest, and caught The Quakes at a club called Mac's - hadn't heard of it before but it was a pretty decent sized venue with a good stage & sound system, if a little lacking in the lighting department. But no fear, it gave me a superb chance to test out the low light capabilities of my new camera, the low light Nikon D700 and just to be safe I brought my fastest lens, a 50mm f/1.4. For practically shooting in the dark I am totally blown away by what this camera can do, I can't wait to use it in a place with good lighting, as this is about as bad as it gets ( miseryxchord, think Alex's Bar!)

Put up a bunch of shots on Flickr - check them out here

Also got a bunch of openers The Deadnecks that I posted here, glad to finally get to see them as a friend of mine plays guitar for them and I missed them when they opened for the Koffin Kats a while back. (And they played the obligatory Misfits cover of the night, "Skulls" as well as a rather, um, unique cover of Bela Lugosi's Dead. At least no Billy Joel like the first band up did...)

It was bittersweet hanging out atomagedevilman for the last time before he moves on to a new chapter of his life as he is moving back to Charlotte, NC today to be with his woman, get engaged & be married soon - I'm so happy for him that he's found his perfect devil girl but damn I am gonna miss him as I was so spoiled having him living so close these last buncha years! Late nights at the AFI Silver and trips to ZIki's steak house will not be the same.... Definitely need to road trip down there soon to visit him & meet his beloved as well as visit Jessica, Albert, Piper & their new arrival!

Also awesome getting to hang out with beatnick138 and s14atd, damn I need to get out to AZ one of these days & catch The Limit Club (of course if they come tour the east coast they are welcome to crash at Chez Liz for any DC or Baltimore gigs!)

Nick at the merch booth

The Quakes & fans after the show -

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