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busted cell phone = high frustration level

On the way to work yesterday one of those really thin aluminum cans of diet coke committed seppuku in my backpack & took out my cell phone - it got soaked & none of the buttons worked.

The new lady at work suggested sticking it in uncooked rice to dry out the moisture so I did that overnight & brought it with me today in a ziplock of basmati and by lunch was able to recieve and respond to a text although I have to remove the battery to get the front display to turn off so it won't run down the battery & it still looks kinda sweaty. I am dearly hoping that more rice treatment will allow it to limp along for a few more months as I await the announcement of the new iPhone & rumoured cheaper pricing before ditching Verizon for AT&T (all the while dreading the headaches of porting the numbers & setup & switchover fees). But I steadfastly refuse to get locked into another 2 yr Verizon contract and am consumed with iPhone lust as that apple bug bit hard.

Hope it will work well enuff tonight to contact my friends about this weekend - flying from Dulles to LAX via Virgin on Friday & going to the Ink & Iron tattoo festival held on the Queen Mary in Long Beach with my friends Alex & Rachel and also making plans to hang out with Kristin. Will be great to see everybody and hard to believe I haven't been to SoCal since Halloween as for the last few years I've been there every couple of months. Not so much going on now & trying to save $$ for a really big trip later this year =)

Liz-who-never-watches-TV (well hardly ever) has gotten hooked on the show "LOST" & just started season 4 on DVD (yay for amazing iMac display!), I should be caught up in time for the last season coming up. It is suitably weird for me and I dig all the compressed synchronity. When I heard about that Air France jet disappearing yesterday, all I could think of was "the Island".
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